1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE (2024)

1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE Coupe 2-Door Additional Info:

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL AND HARD TO FIND all original first gen RX-7 GSL-SE survivor with just over100k original miles!!! This clean, nimble RX-7 is truly a must-see in incredible condition for just over 30 years old with no alterations, accidents, dents, body damage or rust! Another nice feature is that it has the same fuel-injected 13B Rotary engine (1.3L displacement) that continued into the RX-8, so you can still get most OEM engine parts!! An original-equipment Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE is a very rare find today for a car that in its prime was famous for dominating the IMSA GTU races in the early 1980s.

It has been owned and well looked-after for most of its life. I’ve owned it since 2008 and kept it in the garage whenever I wasn’t driving it, and the previous owner (in Florida) was a collector who kept it inside as well. This rare beauty of an RX-7 comes with both the Haynes and the Factory RX-7 manuals and both the removable glass sunroof and matching white steel one with protective leather travel case. Check out the detailed pics of this little white beauty to see what could be yours!

1985 was the last year for the original, classic RX-7 body style and the upgraded GSL-SE option was only built in 1984-85. The GSL-SE option had some upgrades and options only available with this car that included the standard fuel injected 13B rotary engine (same engine size for all RX-7s after 1985 and also the RX-8), a revised front air dam, larger alloy wheels and 14" tires, larger 4-wheel disc brakes, limited-slip differential, and upgraded suspension.

This high rpm (7,000 red-line) corner carver will put a smile on your face whether you’re driving the freeway or carving up those twisty country roads. In 1985, the RX-7 GSL-SE was one of the fastest cars you could buy for a reasonable price. It’s still fast against today’s competition, but where this car excels is in maneuverability. Drop the pedal at freeway speeds and that rotary will pull like a champ and the car feels solid at 100 mph or above. If you want a classic car that is fun to drive, holds the corner at high speeds, and gives you the feeling that you can do whatever you want, this car is for you.

BODY -The body is arrow straight and the sheet metal shows no rust, dents, or dings. All glass except the windscreen is original and in excellent shape including the detachable moon roof, and the metal sunroof filler is in perfect shape so you can use either one. These items are usually long lost or damaged after 30+ years so it is something special to see both intact along with the moon roof's protective travel case. The headlights pop right up and go down quickly and at the same time. It's hard to describe how clean this car is for a classic that is more than 30-years old, but it is not perfect and has a few minor imperfections. The paint wear and aging is equal around the whole car, so I believe this is all original paint.

There are some small paint chips on the lower part of the body behind the tires, on the wheel well lip, on the door edges and along the front of the hood. The black body trim is slightly faded in many areas, but still looks black so some touch-up and detailing should make a big difference. All lights work with bright colorful lenses. This RX-7 is an incredible find that has survived the last 30 years in amazing over-all condition, so these minor imperfections don't for a second take away from its beauty and it gets constant compliments with its factory correct original crisp look and no-nonsense stance.

Interior -Waiting inside this little rockets co*ckpit is a blast of a ride with leather bucket seats that keep you comfortably in place, the 5-speed manual shifter right where it should be, and the gauges at the right level to easily read with that 7000 rpm redline and 140 mph speedo starring you in the face!!

Inside it is all factory Mazda original, smoke-free and well cared for. All lights, gauges and electric switches operate correctly. The A/C works correctly and has been updated to current refrigerant standards, but some of the venting controls need some TLC and some of the vent vanes have missing slats.

The rear cargo area has the spare in place along with the straps to hold down whichever roof your not using or both if you have them pulled out for some fresh air. The carpet still has the original protective Mazda RX-7 floor mats but they do show age and wear on the driver’s side. The steering wheel leather is showing some age, but the leather seats are in amazing condition for a car this old. The flexible boot on the gearshift needs to be re-fastened to the trim piece that surrounds the gearshift, but the boot is clean and has no cracks.

MECHANICAL - This RX-7 also has a very clean and uncrowded engine compartment with all of the original emissions control equipment in place and it passes Utah clean air emissions standards. The legendary and dependable fuel injected rotary pulls strong with the unmistakable killer sound that only an RX-7 rotary can deliver. The high and quick-revving engine make this car an absolute blast to drive so you may want to turn down the stereo and just listen to the engine note as you shift through the gears.

The rotary has a very broad torque and power curve so you don't have to down shift on hills to maintain speed. I can take the mountain canyons near my home at 80+mph in 5th gear without a problem. The clutch grabs when it should and was replaced about 25,000 miles ago so it should have plenty of wear left. The brakes deliver just as they should with a smooth, firm pedal that stops dead straight and the master brake cylinder was replaced right after I purchased the car in 2008.

The radiator has been rebuilt and all of the coolant hoses replaced, and the A/C has been updated to RC-134 and works. There is good 3-year-old rubber at all 4 corners with lots of wear left.

The older the car, the harder it is to define the condition of the vehicle. With a classic car like this one, it is very difficult to describe it to everyone’s satisfaction. Based on the bidder'spersonal experience, some bidders will be overly pleased with my description and pictures, and others may feel that I fell short. I’m postingthis auction based on how I want to see auctions when I’m buying, keeping in mind what I care about, and I try to put your mind’s eye into what I can see and touch. Please help me by asking questions and letting me know if other pictures are wanted. If you do not see a pic or description of an item or an area that matters to you please do not assume anything and ask me about the specifics your needing or for more pics. I will post every question asked so all potential bidders can see.

As a passionate automotive enthusiast with a deep knowledge of classic cars, particularly Mazda models, I can confidently speak to the exceptional features and historical significance of the 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE Coupe. My expertise in automotive history, mechanics, and restoration practices allows me to provide an insightful analysis of the details mentioned in the article.

Firstly, the 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE stands out as a rare and well-preserved example of the first-generation RX-7, renowned for its dominance in IMSA GTU races during the early 1980s. The GSL-SE variant, built only in 1984-85, is distinguished by several upgrades and exclusive options, making it a sought-after classic among enthusiasts and collectors.

The heart of this iconic vehicle lies in its fuel-injected 13B Rotary engine, boasting a 1.3L displacement. This engine, shared with the RX-8 in later years, signifies Mazda's commitment to rotary power and high-performance driving experiences. The article highlights the availability of OEM engine parts, emphasizing the long-term viability of maintaining and restoring this classic gem.

The GSL-SE option introduces a series of performance enhancements, including a revised front air dam, larger alloy wheels with 14" tires, larger 4-wheel disc brakes, a limited-slip differential, and an upgraded suspension. These features contribute to the car's reputation as a high-revving corner carver, offering an exhilarating driving experience on both freeways and twisty country roads.

Examining the exterior, the article describes the body as "arrow straight" with no signs of rust, dents, or dings. The intact original glass, including the detachable moon roof and metal sunroof filler, adds to the rarity of this well-preserved RX-7. Minor imperfections, such as paint wear and aging, are noted but are consistent around the entire car, suggesting original paint. The article provides a detailed account of the car's condition, with mentions of small paint chips and faded body trim, offering transparency to potential buyers.

Moving to the interior, the RX-7 GSL-SE impresses with its factory-original features, including leather bucket seats, a 5-speed manual shifter, and well-placed gauges. The article notes the overall condition as smoke-free and well-maintained, acknowledging some wear on components like the steering wheel leather and the original Mazda RX-7 floor mats.

The mechanical aspect is thoroughly covered, emphasizing the clean and uncrowded engine compartment, adherence to emissions standards, and the strong performance of the fuel-injected rotary engine. The article provides insights into the clutch replacement, brake performance, radiator rebuild, and A/C system update, showcasing the owner's commitment to maintenance and ensuring the car's reliable performance.

In conclusion, the 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE presented in this article is not just a classic car; it's a meticulously maintained and well-documented piece of automotive history. From its racing heritage to the carefully preserved exterior and interior, this RX-7 encapsulates the essence of a true enthusiast's dream, offering a thrilling driving experience that transcends its 30-year existence.

1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE (2024)
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