'This Is Really Weird:' Percy Jackson's Walker Scobell Goes Viral On TikTok For Sweetly Explaining His Complex Feelings About Fan Edits Of The Show (2024)

'This Is Really Weird:' Percy Jackson's Walker Scobell Goes Viral On TikTok For Sweetly Explaining His Complex Feelings About Fan Edits Of The Show (1)

We live in an age where anyone can go viral on TikTok for a variety of reasons, but Walker Scobell is all over the platform because he leads the cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The 15-year-old stars as the son of Poseidon in the long-awaited adaptation of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series of books. As the young actor gains notoriety for his role, he recently shared the “weird” experience of seeing himself all over social media in fan edits.

Walker Scobell guested on The Zach Sang Show, and the actor shared how he’s seeing a lot of Percy Jackson edits of himself all over TikTok. The video has since been reposted many times on TikTok, with some versions of it having more than 1.7 million views, like walkerscobellinfo's video. Take a look at the clip for yourself:

@zachsangshow♬ original sound - Zach Sang Show

As the actor shared, he gets “so many” edits inspired by the series on his own algorithm on TikTok, and while he wants to save them because he loves the franchise as much as fans do, he finds it weird to save edits of himself.

He called the experience a “weird feeling” that he cannot quite describe at the moment. Totally understandable, if my face was everywhere on the internet attached to something I was already a fan of, I’d be mind-blown 24/7!

Here’s an example of a viral Percy Jackson edit:

@s0phsmvlti♬ original sound - sophie

The video above has over one million views on TikTok! Fans of the series make all kinds of posts inspired by the show to share their love and creatively pay tribute to it. At the age of 15, it must be a trip to already be fan edit famous like Walker Scobell is, especially as a social media user himself.

As the actor shared, he’s able to remove himself from his work on the show, but that doesn’t stop the whole fame thing from getting to one’s head one way or the other.

This week, the Season 1 finale of Percy Jackson premiered on both Disney+ and Hulu following eight weeks of new episodes dropping on the platforms. While the series has yet to be officially renewed by Disney, the showrunners have updated that they’ve made good progress on assembling a writer’s room for Season 2. When CinemaBlend spoke to the main trio, Leah Jeffries told us she is so excited for what's to come that she is already reading ahead through the books.

Walker Scobell should of course be proud of his work on Percy Jackson and the Olympians across the first season. (He even did an awesome underwater trick on the set!) So, save those fan edits Scobell, lean in!!

You can watch all eight episodes of Season 1 with a Disney+ subscription or Hulu subscription, and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for updates on what’s to come for the demigod.


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'This Is Really Weird:' Percy Jackson's Walker Scobell Goes Viral On TikTok For Sweetly Explaining His Complex Feelings About Fan Edits Of The Show (2)

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'This Is Really Weird:' Percy Jackson's Walker Scobell Goes Viral On TikTok For Sweetly Explaining His Complex Feelings About Fan Edits Of The Show (2024)
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