Taylor Swift Valentines (2024)

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Taylor Swift Valentines (1)

by Anna Harpe

January 26, 2024

Taylor Swift Valentines (2)

Download our free printable and craft up some Taylor Swift Valentines and friendship bracelets perfect for any Swiftie in your life. So easy and so fun!

My tween daughter is a self-identified Swiftie. Our house is filled with non-stop singing, random Taylor facts (Did you know her favorite number is 13?), and of course, a constant stream of friendship bracelets.

So, when it came to choosing a fun DIY card for her classmates this year, I knew these Taylor Swift-inspired bracelet valentines would be an absolute hit.

Friendship bracelets are easy to make and adjust to your child’s skill level. If you have a little one who struggles with small beads like the ones we use here, start with pipe cleaners and pony beads instead. There’s no wrong way to make a friendship bracelet!

Have your own Taylor Swift superfan? You can download this printable with 6 different card designs for FREE! Just click the link or refresh the cookies on this page if you missed the email opt-in.

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How to Make Taylor Swift Valentine Bracelets

Taylor Swift Valentines (4)



  1. Choose your beads & prepare your elastic

    My daughter wanted to use beads specifically themed to Taylor Swift albums, but you can choose any combination of colors and shapes you like.

    Cut your elastic cord to length, leaving plenty of extra at the ends for easy tying. We always tape down one end of the cord onto a tray to help reduce beads accidentally slipping off.

    Taylor Swift Valentines (5)

  2. Bead your bracelet

    Get comfortable, turn up the music, and bead away!
    My daughter wants to make a bracelet for everyone in her class, so we’ve been working on making 1 or 2 a day for the past few weeks.

    We keep all of our supplies contained on a tray so it’s easy to pull back out whenever we have a few minutes. Pro tip: a pair of tweezers makes hunting for the perfect bead much easier!

    (Lots of leftover beads? Try an activity like this! Or this!)

  3. Secure the ends

    After threading all the beads, check the length. I use my daughter’s wrist as a basic guide, ensuring that there are enough beads to go all the way around. Since kids come in all sizes, we make sure we have some bracelets larger, and some that are smaller.

    Secure with a triple knot, wrapping one end three times through. As you tie the knot gently stretch the cord to make it as secure as possible. Add a small dot of glue at the knot, let dry, then carefully trim any excess elastic.

    Taylor Swift Valentines (6)

  4. Assemble your Valentines

    Print out your copy of our Taylor Swift Valentines on sturdy paper, then cut out and let your child sign their name. (Or your own name…. let’s make adult friendship Valentines a thing!)

    Slip a bracelet over each valentine before gifting to a lucky friend!

We think these adorable Taylor Swift valentines are a delightful way to say “You Belong with Me” this Valentine’s Day! If you make them, be sure to tag us on Instagram @theartfulparent!

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Anna Harpe

Anna is the Digital Communications Manager for The Artful Parent. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and runs KidLitCrafts where she shares beautiful picture books and ideas for family creativity.


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Taylor Swift Valentines (2024)
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