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marie <3🤠

where are you???????-

ur still coming right???-

ur not leaving me alone with him-

pls tell me this wasn't some weird plan of yours and tell me that you're on your way-

-no no ofc not!


-sorry didn't expect you to be there so early


-yess but i didn't think you would take it so literally


-omw omw as i've said

-but are you really sure we should still join you guys?

-i don't want to interrupt anything hehe

stfu and get your ass over here-

''They should be there soon'' i say looking back up from my phone. Chris stands up from the couch. ''Good to know, i'll get me a new pepsi'' This is the third pepsi in not even an hour. Is he like a Pepsi addict? ''Should we maybe prepare some snacks for the others?'' he says while the can in his hand is sizzling and he's walking towards the open kitchen. ''Sure'', I stand up as he turns around. ''No no don't get up, i'll do it''. Sweet of him. I sit back down on the couch, but the other way around so I can talk to him better.

''So y/n tell me about yourself.'' , he says looking over his shoulder while opening different drawers to search for snacks. ''Hm. What is there to tell. What do you want to know? Ah- i have an idea let's both just ask questions and also answer them both'' I feel more comfortable now that he's not as close to me anymore.

''Sure. So do you have siblings? I don't think I need to answer that. You already know I'm a triplet and I have an older half brother'', he says. ''Ah Didn't know about the half brother. No I don't have any siblings'', ''Oh sad. You're really missing out.'', ''What do you mean?'' I ask interested. ''I don't know I just can't picture a life without having someone your age around. I don't know .My brothers are everything to me. All the experiences we've made and the fights. I love it. I love them.'' Hm i get it now I feel a little bit sad. But how fun must it have been to grow up with two brothers your age. Meanwhile he's opening different snacks and putting them in bowls.

''Well I guess Marie is the replacement for a sibling.'', he stops what he's doing to turn towards me and really listen. ''We are friends since kindergarten because our parents are close friends. We do everything together, we even live together now. We grew up together. So I never really missed having siblings. I was never alone either my parents were home with me or I was at Maries. But I get it living together and maybe even sharing a room is a different kind of connection.''

He nods ''yea but I get what you mean with Marie. I didn't know you guys were that close. And you live together with her. Crazy. I think Marie is a lot to deal with when living with her.'' he jokes. ''Yea she is. But I love her. And I'm not that different than her'', I laugh back, ''My turn, favorite three music artists?'', he turns around and leans against the counter. ''Good Question. Definitely Lil Skies, Dominic Fike and i think my friend Yung pleit'', ''Uh I love Dominic'', I say thinking about my answer. ''And your three?'', ''I think Billie Eilish, Lana del Rey, The weeknd maybe? Ah! I can't chose just three, It's so hard because also Melanie Martinez, Lil peep and Chase Atlantic.'' he laughs, ''Huh what are you laughing about?'', ''I don't know half of the people you just named. But I think Nick would like your answer.'' Nick. Madi's best friend. Ugh. ''Huuh you don't know Billie Eilish and the weeknd??'', ''I do, i do. But not the others and their music.'', ''Whatever. No taste'', I joke.

''Third question what do you do for a living?'', he asks. ''Ehh nothing yet, I'm still a student. I study architecture at UCLA.'', I answer confidently as if I didn't just chose this mayor because I had no idea what else to chose. "Wow didn't think you were so smart." I laugh offended "Wait wait wait are you calling me dumb?", "No no no just-i didn-... all the people here do someth- i didn't mean it like that!", "it's okay don't worry about it" I laugh. He's cute. "do you like it? Architecture i mean" "hm hard question. I already started it so i just have to get through it no matter what i think now. Sometimes it's really hard. But overall i enjoy it. I can be creative with my work and i like that. I love drawing and just creating things." He nods and listens to me talk. "And we learn a lot about history and culture which is also interesting. And that way traveling is so much more interesting. To see different building styles in other countries.". I feel like I talked a bit too much. He doesn't care stop boring him. "I think it really suits you" he comments. "Oh shut up you don't even know me" But i guess he really listened to me. "Doesn't matter. Now that I think about it, it suits you. If i ever need someone to design my new house i will ask you." He smiles at me. I laugh. I know he doesn't really mean it but it's nice of him to say either way.

"so what do you do for a living?", i ask curiously. "well youtube with my brothers, my clothing brand of course and some smaller things here and there social media you know the whole thing events here and there. I love it. Sometimes it's like a lot and i used to have like no time for myself but it got better over the years. Now i feel like i found a good balance.", he says and i can really feel that he's opening up. I don't think we would just drop this in every conversation he has. Or would he? "I feel you. Balancing my studies and social life is actually so hard. I haven't really figured it out yet. I'm just so happy that I'm on summer break right now"
"And besides doing your studies in your freetime you are doing social media?". I laugh. ''nooo I have like 300 Followers on Instagram.''He looks astonished. "Really? I thought u were some insta model or something." he says looking at me. Insta model? Me? "What? No way that's more Maries thing." Funny that he thinks that. He thinks i look like a model? Or did he mean it in another way? ''You're blushing.'', he points out. I look to the side to hide my face. I didn't even notice. f*ck stop looking at me like that. ''Are you always that straight forward and honest?'', I reply looking at the wall next to me. Suddenly the doorbell rings.

We both greet the others at the door. I see Chris greeting Parker. ''What's up big dwag''. I look at Marie dead serious. She just smiles. ''I'm going to kill you at home'', I whisper in her ear as we hug. ''Love you too. Tell me all the details about how it was later'' she whispers back and chuckles.

I'm not sure what i think about all of this now. I'm kind of glad him and I were alone because we could talk so honest but I was not ready for it. I guess it was good after all. I can't be mad at Marie a long time. I understand her. She has a boyfriend now so of course she is spending a lot of time with him. And forgetting time with him...

But I like Parker really. He is a little more introverted but matches Marie perfectly. I'm happy she is happy. ''Hey Parker'' We hug. I don't know him really well but we have this bond because we both love Marie.

''Come in. I'm sure y/n is so relieved you are here finally'' Chris says to the couple. ''Hu-What?'' I ask surprised. I guess he is always that straight forward and honest. The others laugh. ''y/n said it's an 'uncomfortable situation' to be alone with me'' he explains while we walk to the couch. ''no-what? shut up. Because it was!'' We all sit down and Chris walks to the minibar. ''Was? So it got better after all'' Parker asks. ''I think so'', Chris answers for me, looking at me from the distance. I don't say anything and just grab my Pepsi and take a sip as I realize Marie is looking at me with a knowing look in her eyes.

Chris asks everyone what they want to drink and we decide to play billiard. I didn't see a billiard table before, so i guess it's on the next floor of the loft. We all go upstairs, the snackbowls and drinks in our hands. Upstairs i observe the room, there are a lot of closets, a big bed, a small desk, tv with a ps4, small couch and a billiard table. It's kind of random but it looks cozy and comfy. The walls aren't as high anymore and a lot of the walls have mirrors on them. ''Okay so let's play! Girls against Guys?'' Marie suggests. We all agree and start playing.

Marie and I are all pretty okay in billiard but we have no chance. The boys are both like really good and they hit almost every ball in the hole. But it's still fun. ''okay okay you won that's so unfair the teams aren't balanced'' Marie whines, ''let's do coupl- i mean mixed groups. One girl, one guy you know?''

''Parker I will destroy you'' Chris warns. While the boys bet on who will win, me and Marie talk about our own sh*t. ''hey y/n! You belong to me- belong to my team! Stop talking to the enemy!'' Chris. ''Come on. We've got to win this. I know we can do it"

In the end Parker and Marie won and Chris lost 500 dollars. But he doesn't really care. I love that he's not a bad loser. But i feel kind of bad we lost because of me. He's way better than i am. "I'm sorry that we lost" i say. "Noo. Don't worry about it. I will teach you and next time we'll win!", he says reassuring me.

Later the four of us just talk and hang out. It feels like a real close friendgroup even though this is the first time we are together like this. We talk about our favorite tv shows and childhood heroes and play fight over things we disargee on.

Somehow Chris and I got into a small fight about when the date of a mutual friends birthday was. I say it's the 29th of April and he says it's the 30th. I know I'm 100% correct: ''Chris no! It's the 29th! Call him. Do it! Should i give you his phone number? I have it here.'' I laugh pulling out my phone. ''no, but you can give me your number'', Chris suggests confidently. I say nothing and feel my face go red. AGAIN. What's wrong with me when I'm with Chris. Everybody start laughing. ''smooth bro'', Parker says. ''That's the chrizzler!'', Marie says with tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. That actually makes me laugh too.

It's this sort of unspoken agreement that we have. Everybody knows Marie and Parker set us up for a double date. And Chris openly flirting like that is just funny. At least I believe that Chris also knows that and doesn't see me just as a friend, but rather a potential love interest. Wait what. We are just friends! What am I thinking? Do I even like him like that? I guess I do sort of see him as potential love interest. How did I even end up here. I swore to myself to stay single for a while and concentrate on myself. And now i'm here again. Stuck in a situationship with a boy. Whatever.

In the end we actually exchanged numbers.

Back at home i follow Chris on instagram thinking about everything that happened today. While taking off my makeup and doing my night routine, Marie is asking me about every single detail of what happened before they arrived. I tell her about everything we talked about and the flirts. In the end i can't deny it anymore. I have a little crush on this man.

Right before i go to sleep my phone vibrates and i check the notification:

''christophersturniolo started following you''

starstruck ~ chris sturniolo x y/n / matt sturniolo x y/n - Chapter 5 - daisy_danaa (2024)
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