Griffis Residential Investments (2024)

Fund V | Griffis at The Domain | 755 Units | Austin, TX

Griffis Residential Investments is a vertically integrated multifamily owner and operator that seeks to drive asset performance and investment results independent of market cycles.

Institutional-Quality Apartment Communities

We identify underperforming assets in select high-growth U.S. markets with innovation-driven economies. We invest only through our funds, we manage what we own, and we focus on a single product type. We are not market timers, but rather rely on deep experience along with operational initiatives and tactics to create value in all market conditions.

Griffis Residential Investments (3)

Operational Excellence

A highly motivated team of over 275 professionals, linked together by a shared sense of purpose and values, produces a high level of resident satisfaction, which, in turn, delivers value creation for our fund investors.

    • 100% of properties "A" rated.3
    • Portfolio ranks 5th nationally of nearly 1,500 multifamily management companies.3
    • Top Workplaces 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.4
    • The Griffis Residential Premium Apartment Fund series ranked 4th for real estate value-add and was the top-ranked multifamily fund series in the 2022 PitchBook Global Management Performance Score League Tables.5 Griffis Residential Investments (4)
Griffis Residential Investments (5)

Access to Institutional-Quality Investments

GriffisDirect by Griffis Residential provides accredited investors with direct access to institutional-quality multifamily investment funds. Our historical results reflect a durable all-weather strategy that seeks to protect investor capital during economic downturns while generating alpha at the asset-level in all market conditions.

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Fund V | Griffis Seattle Waterfront | 208 Units | Seattle, WA

GRIT | Griffis Cheesman Park | 156 Units | Denver, CO

Portfolio & Fund Management

The preservation of investor capital, disciplined capital deployment, rigorous benchmarking, and continuous improvement are the primary focus of the Griffis Residential management team.

Griffis Residential Income Trust and Griffis Premium Apartment Fund VI are open to new investors.

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  1. The performance of the closed-end funds is benchmarked to the Q3 2023 NCREIF Fund Index for Closed-end Equity Value-add strategies (NFI-CEVA) for real estate funds of the same vintage matching the valuation date of these funds. The NFI-CEVA data for Fund VI (2022 vintage) is not yet available as of 9/30/23. NCREIF is a data service provider of commercial real estate data, performance measurement and benchmarking indices, investment analysis, reporting standards, research, and education. The data set collected by NCREIF is limited to information that is either publicly available or reported to NCREIF directly, and there can be no guarantees that the information collected from and by NCREIF is accurate or comprehensive of all comparable funds. Griffis Residential has not undertaken any independent review of the NFI-CEVA data and makes no representations regarding its accuracy. An annual subscription is paid to access NCREIF data products and analytical tools.

  2. Assets Under Management ("AUM") represents, as of December 31, 2023, the total gross asset value for all properties owned by Griffis Residential funds (including joint ventures), as well as three additional non-owned assets managed by Griffis Residential.

  3. As of January 2024, Griffis Residential ranked #5 on the list of the Top Management Companies with 25+ communities compiled by SatisFacts as part of their Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient Index (“epIQ Index”) Biannual Report. All properties owned over six months had an “A” epIQ grade as of December 31, 2023. The epIQ Index is comprised of four primary variables (renter ratings, manager review response rate, review volume, manager review response time), measured over the most recent 365-day period and updated daily. The SatisFacts index does not purport to survey all rental properties in a given area and is based upon the opinions of a select subset of those participants that chose to participate in the survey.

  4. "Top Workplaces” recognition awarded by Energage in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. No compensation was provided directly or indirectly in connection with obtaining the rating.

  5. Based on the Global Manager Performance Score League Tables (the “Report”) published solely by on July 31, 2023. is not affiliated in any way with Griffis Residential or any of its affiliates. The Report provides top fund family rankings for several private markets fund strategies (including real estate value-add) using data on funds launched since 2000. To qualify for inclusion in the Report, a fund family must have at least two funds that are five years or older and have recent performance data available. The family must also have a fund with a vintage year of 2015 or later to have an open fund. No compensation was provided directly or indirectly by Griffis Residential in connection with participating in, or utilizing, this ranking.

Griffis Residential Investments (2024)
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