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9 months ago, Aureliusbubbah


I never have had the urge to ever put a review for any type of app I purchase on Apples App Store but I need to tell me review and how happy I am with my purchase! My care for provider in California was not receiving any of my medical records from my old care provider in Utah, and it was faxed over three times to them. I need my records to get to my new care provider in California because I have an upcoming appointment soon and there has net been any success. I needed to do something urgently and get these papers either faxed or hard copied for my new care provider. I took it upon myself to find an app that’ll help me get my own fax number in hope that I can get the records sent to me immediately. SURE ENOUGH! I purchased my 9.99 subscription and called my old care provider to FAX my medical records to my fax number I created in this app and I got alllll my medical records for my new care provider sent to me with in the hour! :) very pleased I was able to get this done as soon as possible! Quick easy and reliable!!! Happy with my purchase👍🏽

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3 years ago, EnroquePolazzo

Subscription Service? Seriously??

So, once upon a time this app used to be a “pay as you go” app. You bought credits and sent faxes as needed. When I went to reload credits this time, I only had 1 option. The dreaded hook-digging “subscription service.” I send maybe 1-2 faxes every 2 years (if that), so a monthly fee for faxing nothing is absolutely ludicrous. I completely understand that every single software driven model these days has turned into a revolving door of subscriber services. Having a healthy ARR/MRR is great for raising private equity capital (this company isn’t traded publicly). But for faxes? Come on! Apps like these should still continue to offer folks one-time fax credits, because people rarely need fax machines these days, and the app would provide value to a customer’s experience when this type of app is needed. To the developers/owners of this app, please consider rolling out a graduated pricing scale for “pay as you go” customers. Set a minimum credit purchase, charge a bit more per page, offer break points (discounts) if you purchase more credits up front, and still hold onto the subscription based service for heavy users. You could have the best of both worlds, and an additional revenue stream to boot. Imagine that!

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3 years ago, Double Dee C

Worth every penny!!!

Emails are not HIPPA compliant. Medical information has to be faxed. The App has saved me hours of time running to a Staples or business store to fax sensitive documents. You get exactly what you pay for. I paid for the year and have used it more times than I can count. I recently refinanced and faxed all my tax documents, mortgage documents, and payroll documents just by scanning them with this App on my iPhone and faxing them with this App. Don’t write negative reviews because you want something for nothing or you don’t know how to use the App. It’s very straightforward and user friendly. Put in the Fax number. Create a cover page if you want with one click on the page. Attach scans, photos, or documents from you iPhone. Then send. Done. I just wish they offered receiving faxes. Developers- Please consider making the App to be able to receive faxes also.

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2 years ago, John Jacob Jinkle Hymer Smith

Useful tool but…

I actually appreciate the idea of the app. Being able to send a fax without owning a fax machine or having to leave the home is super convenient. However, I have to say, a weekly/monthly/annual-subscription model makes sense for people in a legal/government industry or regularly work with companies within those entities but for an everyday consumer who may have to fax something once or twice a year for an irregular occurrence, a subscription doesn’t make sense. If I go to kinkos or fedex for a fax I don’t have to pay them a monthly fee to access their service. So in my opinion, if the goal is to offer convenience to your consumers, it’s important to consider all types of consumers who may find a use for your service. It would make more sense to have a one time service fee option as well for consumers who may need to fax on irregular or seldom basis. Charge per fax, based on amount or size so people can move on with their day without being anxious about remembering to cancel a subscription they don’t really need to have.

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3 years ago, hokiezta

Very poor app

I purchased this service for the year thinking the reviews were real. There’s absolutely no way they are. Firstly, the company and staff are not in the U.S. so know that going forward. They’re in Europe. Secondly, there’s NO email confirmation set up for your fax unless you search for “history” and then type in your email. 3. You will get a very shoddy looking black report with white ink that will waste a ton of ink if you print it. 4. It literally took 1.5 hours for my 2 nine page faxes to go through to a fast fax system with the U.S. government. I sent them last night. I was told the email confirmation “can take a while” from the customer service.. Today, still no email confirmation. We went and hand faxed these documents by a land line phone fax service in person today because I have zero confidence they got there. I signed up for a year service (don’t do it!) and was ignored when I said I wanted a refund. I will now be disputing the charge with my CC company, something I haven’t had to do in about 5 years. I called and checked. The receiver did NOT revive either fax. This could have cost me my life. Thank God I knew to take it elsewhere.

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6 years ago, EagleChild

Great App

A great app that could be awesome with a couple of changes. I really needed to FAX some papers in a hurry and being in a small town in the middle of nowhere there really isn’t options, so I decided to see if I could find a way to fax straight from my device and I found this App. I love that you can send a fax in minutes from anywhere on your devices. I also absolutely love that I can pull documents from just about any other app! This made it easier and faster due to needing to fax documents that I had in multiple apps in one fax. I am disappointed in not being able to see the pages that were previously faxed. Also, that I had to buy more credits than I needed instead of just paying for just what I needed faxed at the moment. I would most likely change my rating to a 5 star if these things were implemented.

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3 years ago, rharkanson

Credits to Subscription with No Refund

Very seldom do I need to send a fax these days. For the past few years this elegant and simple app has served me well for sending PDFs when necessary. Due to the limited necessity, the previous credit model was great. On the couple of occasions per year when I had to send a fax, I could come back to this dependable app and spend my hoarded credits to get the job done without thinking twice. However, I opened the app today to send a fax that I planned my day around only to be halted by a subscription screen upon attempting to send. As I cancelled the fax and searched the rest of the app for my credit balance which was nowhere to be found. So seldom do I send faxes, I had not noticed the payment model had changed since my last use. While I can understand a change of payment models and agree the developer has the right to make that change, it appears that there was no effort to grandfather in previously purchased credits. Voiding prepaid credits just seems disingenuous and is poor business practice.

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10 months ago, My Leila

Bad experience

I first used this years ago and it was great. You would fund the account as needed. The bought credits were used to send a fax and charged per page . Went to use it yesterday and any old credits $$ were gone. The cheapest option was 9.99 for a weeks use. I needed to send the fax asap so I paid the price. The fax was sending for more than two hours! I finally gave up checking on the status. I drove many miles and brought the needed paperwork in person. I contacted FAX and many many hours later I got a text that “ your fax was sent” I contacted them and questioned the time it took and the charge. Their response paraphrased , was that some faxes take a long time. I requested a refund of my 9.99 . Their last response explained they went from a system where credits were purchased to subscription based platform . Also included was how to request a refund from Apple.

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4 years ago, MoodyCoder

This App is AMAZING!

At first I was in disbelief. I thought there’s no way I can actually fax something from my phone but I was desperate and needed to get some important documents sent over for work so I decided to give it a try. First off, the entire process could not be simpler. I was able to AirDrop a PDF document from my laptop to my iPhone and directly upload it to the app. I entered the recipients fax number and hit “send.” The app notified me when my fax was delivered and I contacted the department that I had faxed the documents to the very next day. Lo and behold, they received all 33 pages that I had faxed over to them using this app. I am still in disbelief but very happily surprised. I will most definitely be using this app from here on out. Goodbye fax machines, hello Fax app. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know from now on.

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3 years ago, m.r.brennan

Cool App, Terrible Free Trial

The app works. The 1 star is for the ambiguity of using the free trial. Downloaded the app and tried to use the free trial, but it kept directing me to the subscription page. Contacted customer service - they were really quick to respond which was great. They said I just needed to sign up then I could use my free trial and cancel it before it ended. I picked the week-long subscription because I don’t need the app for a year. It charged me without a chance to use the free trial. Got back in touch with the same person at customer service and they said I should have chosen the year subscription to get the free trail. I told her that would have been great info to know and asked if she could convert my subscription to a year and refund my $9.99 (to effectively give me my free trial). She then said I had to handle all payment issues through Apple directly and then gave me a link to cancel my subscription. Not super helpful at this point. But the app works, the 1 star is for the ambiguity of how to uses the free trial.

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5 years ago, heatherwill15

Reliable faxing!

So, sounds too good to be true, right? Faxing from a phone? Well, it does it perfectly. After faxing a few important documents I was afraid it wasn’t going through. So I testing it on a relatives fax a moment ago... it works perfectly! So I immediately pulled it up to set this review. It doesn’t give a confirmation number and you can’t review what’s been sent after it’s been sent — it will just verify how many pages, to what number, what time and if the delivery was successful by noting a green check. But hey, I spent a credit to check it... and it was a credit well spent. Well worth having. Yes, you have to pay to fax, but if I were to go somewhere to fax, they’d charge too... so I saved my gas $ by doing it this way.

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6 months ago, ttloper

It’s VERY misleading

This is not a free to use app and they don’t tell you the cost of the subscription until you try to send the 1st fax. For those of us who rarely need this type of service $9.99 WEEKLY subscription fee is more than I care to part with. The fact that they’re not upfront with subscription prices & wait to hit you up with subscription options AFTER you’ve uploaded your first document and click send fax is, in my opinion, crappy business practice. $9.99 was the cheapest option to send 1 fax if you remember to cancel before the week is up. I wonder how many people have selected one of their overpriced subscription options just to send the fax and forgot to cancel? It would’ve been nice to know pricing options upfront BEFORE I went through the trouble of uploading the documents. If you send / receive a lot of faxes then perhaps the costs are justifiable. But in my opinion, for the average person, faxes are obsolete. Which is why they are so sneaky about subscription prices.

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2 years ago, 1084842

Stay away! Poor customer service, NOT worth it!

I needed to fax something and I already have an old unreliable printer so I wanted to see if there was another convenient way to fax these documents. I downloaded the app and faxed over my documents…it ended up taking 30 minutes for 7 sheets!!!! That’s ridiculous, it was taking so long that I ended up using the old faxing machine and it went through faster. I was and still am disappointed with the service so I reached out to customer support to cancel my subscription and requested a refund and they said no. What a scam! That’s like going to a restaurant, ordering something that doesnt taste good, and the restaurant saying “oh well, eat it… and make sure you pay for it.” So unprofessional. I don’t recommend this app AT ALL. Go to your library if you need to fax something, just stay away from this scam app. It ridiculous that they make you pay full price for a service you won’t ever use. I deleted the app and will request my money a different way.

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6 years ago, teebyrd75


Trying out this app in comparison to another fax app I was using, this one works fine and does the basic task of scanning and sending a fax, however the app is extremely barebones. Seems all you have the option to do is “buy credits” and fax, doesn’t provide you with a history of docs (even the prior 1 or 2 you might have faxed) that would be beneficial for you to refer back to as a resource. I was surprised that I also couldn’t get to a space where I had set up my profile info when I first signed on and downloaded it. Overall, if you’re looking for a basic I just need to fax a few things app, then this one works fine, if you need something a bit more robust, say fax review or the ability to cancel a fax if you enter the wrong number, etc., this isn’t the app to go with. I ‘ll be moving on looking for another fax app once I deplete the credits I have in the bank.

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5 years ago, Josh7108

It works; but missing something crucial

I dont usually do reviews but here I go. This app works. I do a lot of Faxing to the government (IRS) and this app is wonderful. However, once the documents are faxed - when you go to the history/list of faxes sent there is a list of all your faxes but you don't know which one is which because all you see is the list of fax numbers. There is no name of who you faxed to even if you select from your contacts. Also, you don't get to see exactly what you faxed because there is no record of it anywhere - again only the fax numbers. So if you need proof of what you faxed and you need to know or keep track of whom you faxed to than this app is not for you. But again, it does get the job done of getting your faxes to the recipient. My score is 3.5 for this reason.

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5 years ago, Wpflance

I can fax now without a separate phone # and the expense of one!

I don’t usually write reviews, but because of the incredible usefulness of this app, I wanted to share! Technology is constantly changing; however, Faxing is not a dead communication tool. Although there are multiple options available to send documents via email and smartphones but also invites viruses, spam, phishing and damages of. In addition to that, privacy cannot be protected. Our home like many others has disconnected the landline and the phone number of and now use our cell phones exclusively. The thought of getting another line just for faxing doesn’t merit the expense since faxing is for our home is sporadic with a only a handful of times needing this in a year. I would reach out to others I know w a fax to assist, or I would go to to a pay service such as UPS relying on others and my documents and information of them would also be in their hands. This app solves all of the above and with the convenience of anytime and anywhere! This app also confirms if a document was sent or not making this app super GREAT everything.

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2 years ago, Booby 456

Permanent condition of unfaxable is incorrect. I had to send documents to my

I had to fax Public Defender applications and documents to my local municipal court because court was closed and all sessions were reduced to zoom meetings. I couldn’t hand them in person and i sent the fax three timesBecause each time I did it said it didn’t go through. The next morning to Court emailed me that they got my Fax -ALL 3 OF THEM!!! So you need to fix that since îlegal institutions don’t have any time for my nonsense or that of your applications’……then give me a free month using the repaired version. you owe me one for making me look like a fool sending it to them three times. I’ll send some faxes with the new improved version’s and help you bring it back to Beta status.§

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11 months ago, Savannah.L.

Great until you try to cancel

I needed this to fax some paperwork, I have no problem paying for a good service. This app works wonderfully until you try to cancel, hence the 3 stars. Would have easily been a 5 star app if they didn’t continue to charge after cancellation. Let me first say this app is easy to use, convenient and I would definitely have used it again and paid if needed but not when I cancelled a few days ago and was still charged a subscription fee. Come on it clearly stated to cancel a few days before, I cancelled on Saturday, my subscription is valid until 8/3, why was I charged? Please refund my money. I guess it would have been simpler to just drive somewhere and pay for them to fax my paperwork instead of me having to deal with this.

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2 years ago, Jgp5314

An iPhone must-have!

I swear I’ve written a review about this app but it’s not here. I’ve had this app since making the iPhone switch. I was on the receiving end of a fax at a Doctors office in 2017 when I was shocked the fax came from an iPhone. The cost has never been an issue and adding funds is easy. I’ve sent a 42 page document with ease and I’ve sent just a cover page with a note. Works to send stuff to government offices and you need confirmation. The only fax app that has a true fax feel to it. Not sure if I can receive faxes on this app, but I would pay for this feature the same way hands down! *hint* thank you for your service.

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1 year ago, BKLYNN2

An unexpected surprise!

Do not get me wrong, this app used to be 5 stars for me because I had the ability to purchase credits and send faxes as needed. It had a great plan for purchasing credits and it definitely helped me save money while also providing excellent service. Today though, I go to send a fax and now it’s asking me to purchase a subscription of weekly, monthly, or yearly. $10 per week?? I do not use this app often so I feel the prices they are asking for this is ridiculous! And if that’s the case, what happened to all those credits I purchased previously? Is it nonexistent now? If so, all those credits I purchased are now wasted if I have to pay for a subscription just to send a few pages. Please bring back the credit option or a pay as you go option for people like us! Thank you.

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2 years ago, Aces bill


If I could give this app zero stars I would. Not because the app did not work it did. But you need to be aware that when you subscribe to this app you will be charged 9.99 PER WEEK!!!If I hadn’t checked my purchases the other day for another reason I would’ve never known this. This app charges $10 per week for it’s used and it does not quit until you tell them to. I only noticed this after they had charged me over $220 for this app. Apple was kind enough to refund $80 back to me but that will take another six weeks to get. Again if you are not going to use this app every day it is not worth the money. I needed it one time for documents for my house to close. Since I am retired this is a lot of money out of my account that I wasn’t budgeting for. Again BUYER BEWARE!! If the company would like to get with me and refund the other money I might change my review.

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5 months ago, oilip

Very satisfied!

I first downloaded a different fax app. I tried to fax a single document and after an hour it was still sitting in pending delivery. I downloaded this app and to the same number I sent the same document (but I included a cover page this time). Not even two minutes later bam, it was delivered. This app is easy to use and has a lot of tools included. I gave it 4 stars because of cost. It’s on the expensive side. If a product works well a higher price is worth it. This app does a great job! In the other app two hours later the single document was still sitting in pending delivery. I canceled that subscription and deleted the app. I do not believe the 2.2k reviews at a 4.8 approval rate are legitimate. The app also falsely says it’s a free faxing app. The app has a 1 week free trial period then a monthly and yearly cost. I’m glad I didn’t go ahead and purchase it before I tried it.

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5 years ago, YouNeedABetterITGuy

Needs elevation

This app seems to get the job done; BUT is lacking in any sense of record keeping. The only record it keeps is a list of the date's faxes were sent. No content, no list of files comprising the fax. "I sent something to this # on this date." Of course this weakness is supported by Apple's lack of any real file system. It is impossible to name a photo's file name, you cant even see the number name assigned it. I guess with the weak file system recently released, the photo faxes could be saved as page 1, ..... page # with a date or if the fax were comprised of actual files, a list of them. Apple .... you are 2 decades behind. It is time to quit protecting us from us.

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2 years ago, Tinkerbelli64

Great fax app

I needed to fax some documents to a doctors office before I could set up an appointment and was out of town. Being in an area where you aren’t sure where to even find a fax machine, this was so easy a young child could do it. You place your documents on a flat surface, give the app access to your camera, it automatically centers the document (in blue) & takes a picture. Once you’re done, you add the fax number & cover page if you’d like & choose the weekly, monthly rate etc. service you’d like, pay & select fax. That’s all there is to it. I’ll try to update my review afterwards to make sure the fax is actually received & clear.

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1 year ago, DJ-IMIXITALL

Horrifying first experience

I needed a document from the IRS sent to me so that I can fix my business bank account. I download this fax app because I would be able to receive the document today so that I can get to the bank before closing. As soon as the IRS fax me the document, and I received a document, I began to try and open it. As I try to open it the entire app just continuously keep shutting down. It happened nine times in a row. I contacted the support team and they tell me that it was a bug and it’s being worked on at the moment, and it should be back up and running in a day or two. Now I don’t understand how on earth they have had so many bugs, and I must blame myself for this, because I did not read all of the reviews. In fact, when I went back and tried to read all of the reviews, I only see one review so I believe I just played myself.

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6 years ago, Kahn33

It works great but...

It works great but why can’t I attach a PDF from iBooks or any other app such as notes or photo gallery. I had to email the PDF to myself and from email I could attach my document to the Fax app. Hopefully you already have it in the works that all documents on the iPhone will be able to attach to the fax app. I have iOS version 11.2.6 and when I attempt to fax anything from iBooks I can either print or email the pdf. There is no other option listed. How can I add more options to the drop down (for lack of a better word)?

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2 years ago, Kalehue

Súper disappointing

I downloaded the app and purchased a week of unlimited use for the purpose of faxing some important legal documents. After scanning 53 pages to be sent in two faxes, it appeared that the app worked quite well until I scanned through the sent files. All the pages for both faxes were in the wrong order. When I contacted customer support I was told I should rescan as a single document, save it as a pdf file, then upload it to the app and try again as this appears to be a problem when multiple documents are scanned. I was also told that they are working on a fix. Little consolation to me given that these documents are being faxed to two different courts and will now have to be re-faxed. It’s a terrible embarrassment that cost me $7.99. Don’t waste your time or money unless you plan on just facing a single document at a time!

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4 years ago, MoFoJacks

Bring Back Fax by Credits

This app used to work by purchasing credits. Each page took 10 credits to fax. I would purchase 250 credits and be able to hold on to them for as long as needed to fax documents 1-2 times per week. It work well enough and was worth that value. Now that the app is requiring a subscription I will be looking for a different app to meet my needs. I have been using this app for over 2 years, but I will no longer be a customer with the subscription service requirement. There are already too many subscription services, and faxing is just too old school of a technology to require a subscription. Poor form. Bring back the fax by credits, and I would love to remain a loyal customer.

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3 years ago, Elasmodude

So far okay sort of

Seems very easy to use, but during the first four sheets I needed to take pictures of to fax, it just took pictures two and three before I could even get ready for the following sheets. Maybe it just picked up the heat from my hand near the corner where it says “retake”? I’ll give it the benefit of that doubt. Other than it (or app store) asking me how I like and rate this new app on the middle of using it for the first time (didn’t even send the faxes yet)… which is super annoying… I have no complaints yet. Maybe I should have clicked “not now”, but I use these things infrequently and had nothing to tell me if I would get a chance later.

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4 years ago, Quest4red

Great fax convenience from your phone

Very convenient - fax straight from your phone. Do not like subscription pricing - big rip off Confirmation of fax sent is on target. I have not had errors on delivery with this program. It sure beats the time and expense of going to FedExDropOff locations to fax or UPS Stores. Loads cheaper - make a better use of your time and money through greater efficiency. It is almost as convenient as email attachments - email’s advantage being free or practically free. If you must fax in this day and age - and for some things you still must ... signed medical, financial or legal documents and other important and/or time sensitive information ... this is the way to go on the go. If you by a sizable bundle at a time, works out to 10 cents or less a page ... the UPS Store I believe is more than a $1.00 a page ... which would you rather?

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4 years ago, Kgitti

Soooooo mediocre.

This app too expensive without some key features that are missing. It is very basic with a full feature price tag. I was in a hurry to get something to the government or I would have gotten a better app. Issues: 1) you can’t go back and edit your cover page if you notice something wrong before sending. You have to start over again. 2) it doesn’t save or archive a COPY of your fax! This is huge for a small business. All you get is a “sent” notification. 3) you can’t send the fax to multiple recipients. Or at least I couldn’t figure out how. 4) I need an email or text confirmation of the sent fax including the date and who it was sent to. Another key feature for a small business.

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5 years ago, thatsme2002

Awesome app but...

I really like this app because it is convenient for those who don’t have a fax machine. I have yet to have an issue where my recipient didn’t receive the fax and I have been using it since 2017. I gave this app 4 stars because I would like to be able to go back and see the documents that were sent if there ever is an issue that it wasn’t received. To my knowledge I am not able to do that. It just shows the time, date, number of pages sent and the number it was sent to. Would like to be able to click on the pages and see them for myself. Once that is fixed, I would give this app more then five stars. Thanks

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6 years ago, Onijitsu

At least it faxes? But no useful records.

It's vitally important that I be able to prove that something was actually sent. Not just having a little check box next to a number, but to be able to show EXACTLY what was faxed, to what number, when, and whether it was successful. I'm a bit frustrated that I bought $10 worth of credits only to find that tracking of faxes is extremely weak. I think that pane should probably be removed from the list of features. (The series of images you scroll though, left to right) This app would be useful for some people who only need to fax once in awhile. But a professional would not be able to rely upon this. Please think about this as an actual feature!

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3 years ago, Packerm

Almost perfect but…

This app is so easy to use. Very well laid out easy to understand. I didn’t want to drive to a store and pay to have a fax send although you have to pay for this app but it’s worth it. But if you could still look at the document that was sent that would make this app perfect. For example I sent a fax and it went through but now I can’t preview sent faxes. If you could preview them even after they’re sent hands-down this would be the perfect app for anybody that wants to fax but doesn’t wanna get the phone line.

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1 year ago, Burns74


I had to send 3 important faxes with lots of PDF files, all to the same fax number, and I officially have confirmation from that they received all! No joke, and it takes me too much to get to a place whose fax may or may not be working, as I’m disabled and dislike asking people to do tasks like running around and finding a place who will fax successfully for me. I have more important faxes to send around and am grateful I can rely on this handy app for those. Really, it’s worth every penny, just like the other reviewer that I see on here noted.

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7 months ago, Actorman1978

App is terrible

I sent two faxes to the IRS and they could not read a single word off the paper. It was very important that they received them when I sent them, and it was very important that they could read them, and the agent cannot read a single word off of the pages that I sent this app is horrible. I asked for customer service to refund my money. I canceled the app within 10 minutes of downloading it and paying 9.99$ for it. But they said since I used it, they will not refund my money. I would never ever recommend this app to anybody. I suggest you find a different app to use and or go use a real fax machine this app. Send such light writing that you cannot even read it please avoid at all cost. This app is horrible and if I could leave zero stars, I would.

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3 years ago, Lilly_TX

Be CAUTIOUS!It’s a fraud!

Since I am not sure if it will work, I asked the customer service of FAX about a trial. The customer service on chat told me that I need to sign up for the annual plan, and will have 3 days trial. As long as I cancel the subscription 1 day before the trial ends, I will not be charged. Thus I signed up. I don‘t like it. So I cancelled the subscription the same day. Guess what? I am charged for the annual subscription $99+tax!i chatted with them. They blamed Apple for that. I called Apple. Apple said FAX is the one charging me. I then remember in the Comments, there are other customers having the exact same issues. It is a FRAUD! If you want to have a trial, don’t use this app. They trick you into a trial, but in reality, it’s not a trial. I would rather donate this money to charity than giving it to a dishonest company.

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4 years ago, SigDog77

Just what I needed

There are no frills to this app. It is easy to navigate and reliable. I don’t use the fax much anymore, but when I need it, it’s for something high priority like a mortgage or banking / insurance etc. The last few times I needed them it worked perfectly. It pulled documents from where I needed it, I was able to pull the history when I needed it, it was easy to pass a quick note to the recipient on the fax cover sheet. I love that feature b/c it clarifies the entire document and it’s the first thing they see. This is where I lead with my bottom line!

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5 years ago, MattAKing

FAX did not fax

I sent a five-page fax using purchased credits. The app showed the fax as having been sent, but the recipient confirmed that she did not receive it. I had no way to prove otherwise because FAX does not provide an industry-standard transmission report, making it useless for legal professionals. I hope the developers can work on producing a court-compliant transmission report. That’s essential for me and my business, and I cannot recommend FAX until that feature is added. Fortunately, the App Store refunded my purchase. At base, this app is not merchantable as a faxing app because it does not conform to consumer expectations about faxing: which is that you be able to 1) transmit documents to a fax number (no word on whether that happened in my case) and 2) receive a report indicating whether the attempt was successful or not.

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2 years ago, Mariposa5204

Purposely Deceptive Policies

Find a different app to send a fax! The app requires a subscription without allowing one time purchases. After you start a subscription they make it painfully difficult to stop the subscription. They don’t tell you that you can stop it through managing the subscriptions with apple The information is purposely withheld in their policies and you are told to contact customer service instead. Customer service then tries to ask you why and “help” you keep the subscription. They fail to tell you that they cannot stop the subscription and that you are contacting them for nothing except to get the instructions on how to manage subscriptions through your apple account. They are underhanded and misleading and should not be trusted.

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6 years ago, Efrainakaeze

Not misleading

I just tried the app it seems to work. I seen many reviews of the app misleading people with the credits. If you look it will say how much per page your purchase will be. If you did simple division you would see it’s 10 credits per page. Which will equal out to the amount of cost per page you bought. The 10 credit per page is a simple way for people who bought more then one purchase to have all their purchase added together without losing money. Simple yet many don’t see this.

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3 months ago, HenryDud1111

Not free! False advertising!

They advertise this as free. There’s nothing free about it! When I questioned them about the “free” they claim you can download it for free and do a test fax only! But, make no mistake, their ad is misleading it’s definitely NOT FREE! It does work, if you pay for it! If the ad wasn’t dishonest, I would’ve given 5 stars! The developer response confirms what I’m saying, FREE TO DOWNLOAD but NOT FREE TO USE!! This is misleading and false advertising!! Almost every app in the App Store is free to download, but they don’t lie and say it’s free! Once again the developer, responded and acted as if downloading this app. for free is some kind of great deal, then proceeded to tell me AGAIN about pricing. Apparently they think misleading or lying in their ads is quite ok! Wow!

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3 years ago, LucasA2017

Zero star for false promo info

I used this app before and the fee structure is based on how many credits you have. I still have 10 credits that I haven’t used from last time. However, the app is now using a subscription per week/month/year. On the promo bar, it says: free 3 days and 5.99/weeks, you can cancel anytime. I clicked the subscription and it charged me 5.99 plus tax immediately without the free 3 days! Also, what happened to my 10 credits??its gone! When I reached out to customer service, they were asking me to provide the screenshot which of course I don’t have the habit of saving every screenshot of what I see on my phone. I didn’t get my money back. So people, if you saw the free 3 days promo bar, please take a screenshot and it’s fake!!!!!! Hope my experience helps!

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5 years ago, MSY0123

Deceptive “free trial” scam

The fax service is good (hence 2 stars), the shady sale tactics are not. There’s no “Unsubscribe” button inside the app to cancel free trial, you’re forced to read tutorial and go through the ITunes settings to cancel it. Developer does everything to trick you into staying past the limit. Also, the trial ends 24h before the date it actually says on the app, so you only have 48h to cancel instead of advertised 72h before you get billed, trying to trick you AGAIN. You know, I wouldn’t even mind paying the one-time fee to send the fax that I needed, and give the app 5 stars, but instead the developer decided to play those stupid subscription games so that’s why I’m leaving a negative review and not coming back. Too bad!

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2 years ago, nina.n.huang

Awesome app but missing one feature

This app really deserves five stars. However it’s one short coming is that when you go in the fax number field it doesn’t pull up any recent numbers you faxed. And because I’m lazy and don’t like having to go click on the field contacts go into contacts type in the person I want and then it updates into the field. I’m so lazy I’d rather just have them pull up the last few numbers I faxed. I only say this because I fax the same number.

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6 years ago, OdellHol

Great time and money saver

The application is simply great. One of the worst things about going completely mobile and not having a land line is how to fax documents. The internet based fax services don’t make it easy for someone who is sending occasional faxes. Those services make it extremely inconvenient to cancel. This app solved all of my problems. Combined with an iPad Pro I can scan, markup, and send documents with one device. The cost per scanned page is reasonable, and I really just enjoy using it. Thanks for creating such a fantastic app!

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4 years ago, Rooooooo2678

Works well, bad pricing model and shady subscription

The app seems well designed, but it’s a very shady pricing model. Instead of just paying for what you need to do, you have to buy some amount of time for “unlimited use”. So, a two page fax I send once every two years costs 8 bucks. But it doesn’t stop there - this gets you a “subscription” that auto renews every week whether you’re using it or not, and this was definitely not clear at the time. So I’ve now paid well over $60 for a two page fax before realizing this. I’ve applied for a refund and we’ll see where that gets me. I’m fine with you gouging me for an infrequent fax here and there but this pricing model is absolutely deceptive.

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4 years ago, Lauren^^

Could be a bit better

I needed to send 6 faxes by a deadline. Faxes sent successfully and it was simple to do. You can create a cover page and send multiple documents at the same time. I did have to pay $10 for the week to send faxes. I’m not outraged however, during this difficult time (COVID-19) it would be way more reasonable to charge per fax. Another request is I would like to be able to see the document I sent rather than having to guess which one was attached to a fax. There’s no way to check back and see what exact document was sent. If that’s fixed that this will be perfect!

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2 years ago, MCRamos89

Don’t give them access to your bank

I have been disputing charges with their customer service team since July of 2021. I asked them to cancel, as I didn’t realize I was signing up for the subscription. At the time it was phrased as being coins for purchase to send faxes as needed, it was misleading. But I contacted them literally one month after and have the email chain as proof. I’ve emailed every few months since then. I know they’re a small company so I figured maybe they just didn’t have a good team. But surely at some point after the 6th time asking they will cancel the account and refund all the unauthorized charges. Nope. Now I have to hire a lawyer and dispute with my bank. But thankfully I have plenty of email evidence.

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4 years ago, MJConsumer

5 Reasons NOT to use!

This is a DANGEROUS ap! I used it a number of times and thought it was great and very convenient, UNTIL.... 1. “Confirmed” faxes don’t always reach destination. 2. Watch your payment account! I found numerous unauthorized charges for purchasing various packages, such as “unlimited faxing for one month” or “unlimited....one year”. 3. They KEEP THE IMAGES of your faxes! I asked for a record of my account that I could download to compare to the charges. There were all the images of every document— signatures etc. now I’m checking for identity theft! 4. The “support” team will be unable to tell you anything about the above. They will insist images are not kept, for example. And the Supervisor will never be available. 5. Deleting this ap will not clear those images and other records. Some say deleting means you start fresh, but that’s certainly not been true for this ap on my iPhone 11. Turn and run from this ap! And watch out for other APS by the same guy. After seeing his name in the unauthorized transactions in my bank account, I want nothing to do with him.

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Send & receive faxes from iPhone or iPad on the go. Fast and easy! No Fax Machine Required! Send any document everywhere. NO need to use an old school fax machine or go to a fax office. Key Features: Powerful fax app: - Fax from iPhone in 90+ international countries; - Advanced document scanner & image processing; - Best possible quality achieved no matter what types of documents you use; - Combine multiple documents into a ​single fax; - Preview any document before sending; Receiving faxes: - Dedicated number to receive faxes; - Receive faxes from anywhere in the world; Upload any types of documents: - Send just about any file type as a fax (PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG & TIFF, HTML); - Create new documents with images as you go (Photo Gallery, Camera); - Import any types of documents (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Box or any other source). Try powerful tracking: - Track sent documents status via fax app. Note, please: ------------------ For free: 1. Download for free and streamline your faxing without ads; 2. Prepare and process documents at no charge; 3. Try it out by sending a demo fax to any number for free. Ongoing fax services require an Active subscription. *Opt for an annual subscription and save up to 52% compared to weekly payments. ------------------ Information about the auto-renewal of subscription: - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase; - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period; - The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan; - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase; Privacy Policy: https://comfax.com/privacy/ Terms of Use: https://comfax.com/terms/ For any questions or inquiries, please get in touch: [emailprotected] * iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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