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Week Six: Reproduction and Heredity

Thursday, August 7th
In Class:Finish Solving Genetics Problems; Do Packet #13 (Evolution and classification wrap-up); Study for Final Exam
Homework:Study for Final Exam (Make a notecard!)

Wednesday, August 6th
In Class:Major Quiz on Packet #10 and #11; Finish Chances Choices (Packet #12); Probability and Genetics; Patterns of Inheritance; Solving Genetics Problems (#1-6)
Homework:Study for Final Exam on Friday

Tuesday, August 5th
In Class:Finish "Life's Greatest Miracle"; Go over Menstrual Cycle Qs; Male Reproductive Hormones; Biological Basis of Birth Control (Review); Reproduction Practice Qs; A Start in Development; Human Genetics Traits (Packet #12); Chances Choices Chapter 1 (Packet #12)
Homework: Study for Major Quiz on Packet #10 and #11; Finish Review Guides and make notecard (quiz will be roughly 2/3 from Packet #11 and 1/3 from Packet #10)

Biology Summer School (1)

Monday, August 4th
In Class: Formation of Gametes (Biostudio Meiosis link; McGraw-Hill link; Biostudio Mitosis link; Mitosis/Meiosis Comparison); Human Reproductive System; Female Reproductive Cycle (Menstrual cycle) PPT; Life's Greatest Miracle video
Homework:Packet 11 Review Questions #1-10 and finish Female Menstrual Cycle Qs on Page 12-13

Week Five: DNA and Reproduction

Biology Summer School (2)

Friday, August 1st
In Class: Finish Mitosis Cut and Paste; Lab #10 - Time for Mitosis (Packet #10); Cell Division Review; Cancer Notes and activity (NIH Website for videos); Formation of Gametes (Packet #11)
Homework:Male and Female Anatomy - Charts and Label Diagrams (use handout reading)

Thursday, July 31st
In Class: Major Quiz on DNA Unit (Packet #8 and Packet #9); Questions about Lab #9 due tomorrow?; "A Zillion Ways to Make More" (Packet #10); "Why Sex?" movie; Introduction to Reproduction Notes; Cell Cycle Notes; Cut and paste Mitosis; Videos:

Homework:Sickle Cell Lab Write up (Typed)

Biology Summer School (3)

Wednesday, July 30th
In Class:Short quiz on Gel Electrophoresis; Lab #9: Sickle Cell; Finish "Cracking Your Genetic Code" and answer questions (Packet #9); Bioethics Discussion (Packet #9); Do Review Questions in Packet #8 and #9
Homework: Study for Major Quiz on Packet #8 and #9; Finish Review Guides and make notecard (required)

Tuesday, July 29th
In Class: Short quiz on Protein Synthesis and Mutations; Biotechnology Web Lesson (Packet #9; Link #1 and #3; Link #2); Biotechnology Notes PPT; Prepare for lab tomorrow; Watch "Cracking Your Genetic Code" and answer questions in Packet #9
Homework: Complete Purpose and Introduction of Sickle Cell Lab (typed)

Monday, July 28th
In Class: Short quizon DNA structure and Protein Synthesis; Protein synthesis in Snorks; Genes, Proteins, and Disease (Sickle Cell Video; WebMD Sickle Cell Treatments, Evolution of Sickle Cell Video); Mutations notes PPT and analysis; Work on Packet Review Questions
Homework: Do Back of Practice Worksheet (DNA to RNA to Polypeptide). Be ready for a mini-quiz on mutations tomorrow

Week Four: Cardiopulmonary Systems and Energy

Friday, July 25th
In Class: Major Quiz on Energy (Packet #7); History of DNA and DNA structure (Packet #8); DNA Modeling with LEGOs (Packet #8); DNA Replication notes PPT; Transcription and Translation PPT and videos:

Homework:Part 1 of "Genes, Proteins, and Disease" on page 13 of Packet #8 (Need to Know Part 1 is on page 15 of the packet)

Biology Summer School (4)

Thursday, July 24th
In Class: Short Quiz on video from yesterday (open notes); Finish Cellular Respiration Notes PPT; Lab #7 - Clothespin Olympics; Lab #8 - Root Beer Fermentation; Photosynthesis and Respiration POGIL; Work on Review Questions; Start DNA Packet (Nature vs. Nurture)
Homework: Finish Review Questions for Packet #7 (Energy) and be ready for a major quiz tomorrow (with a required notecard)

Wednesday, July 23rd
In Class: Quiz on Packet #6 (Circulatory and Respiratory Systems); Photosynthesis notes PPT (Packet #7 and video - van Helmont Experiment); Photosynthesis in Elodea Online Lab (Website); How to grow a planet video; Releasing Energy (Packet #7, Grain Elevator Explosion Demo Video)
Homework: "The Cell's Powerhouse" worksheet; Read "How Trees Take the Heat" and answer questions

Tuesday, July 22nd
In Class: Major quiz on Packet #5 (Cell structures, diffusion, cell membrane); Circulatory System POGIL; Circulatory System Notes and Practice Questions; "Secrets of the Mind"; Videos:

Homework: Study for Quiz on Packet #6; Hand in Packet #6 tomorrow

Monday, July 21st
In Class:Review Diffusion Questions from Packet 5; Finish Eggs-periment; Short Quiz on Diffusion and Cell Membranes); Work on Packet #5 Review Questions (and make notecard); Introduction to Respiratory System (Packet #6); Respiratory System notes and Review Questions; Videos:

Homework: Finish Packet 5 Review Questions - hand in Packet and Review Questions tomorrow before the major quiz

Week Three: Biochemistry and Cells

Friday, July 18th
In Class: Short Quiz on Cell Structures (Closed notes, then open notes); Finish labeling diagrams; Go over Venn Diagram on p6; "Can you stand the heat?" on p13-14; Notes: Membranes and Diffusion PPT; Eggs-periment and Diffusion demos (p18-20); Bubble Membranes (p21-22)
Homework: Diffusion Practice Questions on p23-26; The larger quiz onPacket #5 will be on Tuesday, July 22nd

Thursday, July 17th
In Class:Major Quiz on Biochemistry and Digestion (Packets #3 and #4); Lab #5 - Animal and Plant Cells Under the Microscope (Packet #5); Cell Structure NotesPPT; Lab #6 - Why are cells so small? (Packet #5)
Homework: "How big is a..." (Packet #5, page 12 plus internet); Finish Questions for Labs 5 and 6; Study for Cell Quiz tomorrow (You will get bonus points if you can answer the questions without using your notes)

Wednesday, July 16th
In Class: Biosynthesis and Digestive System Review (Packet #4); Blood Glucose Metabolism; Work on Practice Questions in Packet #3 and #4; Watch videos:

Living or Nonliving Activity; Cell Structure Notes PPT
Homework: Study for Major Quiz tomorrow on Packet #3 and #4; Packets will be handed in tomorrow and you should have a notecard made (REQUIRED)

Tuesday, July 15th
In Class: Short Quiz (Protein structure and enzymes); Lab #4 - Enzyme Function; Nutrition Labels (Packet #4); Digestive System PPT; Watch videos:

Homework:Wacky History of Cell Theory (video and questions in Packet #5); Major Quiz on Packet #3 and Packet #4 on Thursday, July 17th

Monday, July 14th
In Class:Short Quiz (Biochemistry); Lab #3 - Nutrient Testing Lab (Packet #3); Proteins - What determines their molecular shape (Packet #3); Enzyme structure and function PPT; Enzyme Lab Simulation
Homework: Lab #4 - Enzyme Lab (Read and do pre-lab questions); Major quiz on Packet #3 and Packet #4 on Thursday, July 17th

Week Two: Ecology and Intro to Chemistry

Biology Summer School (5)

Friday, July 11th
In Class: Short Quiz (Basic chemistry and water properties); pH mini-lab (Packet #3, p7-8); Organic Chemistry Notes PPT; Molecular Modeling Organic Molecules (Packet #3, p12-17)
Homework: Bring in 2 nutrition labels (like the one to the right) from foods or drinks that you consume (we will use these on Tuesday during class); Carbohydrate and Lipid Worksheet Questions; 2nd Nature Journal due Monday (July 14th); Short Quiz Monday on Biochemistry

Thursday, July 10th

In Class: Ecology Unit Quiz; Chemical Foundations of Life PPT; Water Properties PPT; Water Olympics (Packet #3, p4-6); Modeling inorganic molecules (Packet #3, p9)
Homework: Read pH mini-lab and make predictions (Packet #3, p7); 2nd Nature Journal due next Monday (July 14th); Short Quiz tomorrow on basic chemistry and water properties

Wednesday, July 9th

In Class: Short Quiz (on food webs and pyramids); Nutrient Cycle Exploration (Packet #2, p17-21) and Eutrophication notes; What Have I Learned About Matter and Energy in Communities (Packet #2, p22); Discuss Climate Change (Vice "Climate Change" and "Greenland is melting" (this episode was taken off of YouTube, but you can watch it on HBO Go if you have HBO at your house); Watch "Fresh" movie and answer questions
Homework: Ecology Study Guide and Unit Quiz tomorrow (notecard required)

Tuesday, July 8th

In Class: Short Quiz (on community ecology and populations); Finish Human Population Activity; Energy Inc (Packet #2, p8-9); Food Webs and Food Chains PPT (Packet #2, p10-11); Ecological Pyramids (Packet #2, p12-13); Lab 2 - Owl Pellets (Packet #2, p14-15)
Homework: Food Web Practice Worksheet (Packet #2, p16); 2nd Nature Journal due next Monday (July 14th)

Monday, July 7th

In Class: Engage Quiz; Introduction to Ecology Vocab PPT(notes in Packet 2); Community Ecology PPT, with Videos (links below); Population Ecology (including Human Population Growth)

Homework: Duckweed Population Graph; 2nd Nature Journal due next Monday (July 14th)

Week One: Engage and Natural Selection

Thursday, July 3
In Class:Quiz on Modeling Earth's History and natural selection; Antibiotic Resistance notes PPT (Packet #1, p15); Engage Review Guide and notecard (Packet #1, p16-17); "There's a hair in my dirt"; Nature Journaling (Packet #2)
Homework:Finish Engage Packet Review and study for Major quiz Monday on Packet 1 (Make a notecard!)

Wednesday, July 2

In Class:Quiz on Scientific Method; Evolution notes; Evolution videos (Finches,corn,dogs,hummingbirds,misconceptions); Group discussion; Evolution in Action
Homework:Evolution practice worksheets;Mini-quiz on Modeling Earth's History and natural selection

Tuesday, July 1

In Class:Scientific Method Practice; Modeling Earth's History; Set upRoot Beer Lab;Evodots
Homework:Read Section 15.2 and do wkst;Quiz tomorrow on Scientific Method and Observations vs. Inferences

Monday, June 30

In Class:Course Syllabus; Lab 1: Plop Plop Fizz Fizz; Scientific Method notes PPT(Packet 1); Arctic Dinosaurs
Homework:Fill out Contact Form (above) on Website;Bring in a .5 L bottle of water (unopened);Read excerpt from"Ignorance: How it Drives Science"and write aresponse

Biology Summer School (2024)
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