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Blue Cross Blue Shield members can search for doctors, hospitals and dentists:

In the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

Outside the United States

Select Blue Cross Blue Shield Global™or GeoBlue if you have international coverage and need to find care outside the United States.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 35 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield companies.

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We’re not waiting to take action to increase access to mental health care.

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Study shows that patients stop weight-loss drugs too soon to see benefits

Despite the explosion in demand for popular weight loss drugs known as GLP-1s, 58% of patients discontinue use before reaching a clinically meaningful health benefit.

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Four policy solutions focused on health disparities and inequities

Your health shouldn’t depend on the color of your skin, where you live or how much money you make. But for too many Americans, those factors stand in the way of achieving good health and well-being.

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Growing the number of trauma-informed staff

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to scale trauma-informed practices across the country.

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The Health of America

Data driven insights, stories of inspired healthcare solutions and the interactive BCBS Health Index

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BCBS.com Homepage (2024)
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