7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (2024)

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7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (1)

Between a home remodel, a novel deadline looming, and the general keeping up with life stuff that everybody deals with, I haven’t been able to find much time to spend in the kitchen these days. (Although, it is looking pretty terrific! Be on the lookout for my kitchen remodel update soon!)

During this crazy busy time, I’ve had to rely on recipes that are simple and time-friendly. But being short on time doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on flavor. I do love making roast chicken at home. It’s something I prepare almost weekly and it will be on the dinner rotation again when I reach my deadline.

But when I’m short on time, I’m fine with taking mealtime shortcuts. One of my favorites is using a store-bought rotisserie chicken as the jumping-off point for a delicious dinner.

Rotisserie chickens can be found at many grocery stores – Walmart, Target, Costco, or your local market – and can be a huge time-saver. I’ve often used store-bought rotisserie chicken as a substitute for home roasted chicken in my recipes.

There are also plenty of recipes to be found that are specifically intended for rotisserie chicken. And most of them are really easy to make!

Read on for seven busy night rotisserie chicken recipes!

French Onion Chicken Casserole

From the queen of easy comfort food herself, The Pioneer Woman, this recipe packs all the indulgences of a classic French Onion Soup with the ease of casserole baking.

Layers of gruyere and parmesan cheese, cremini mushrooms, baguette slices, and, of course, rotisserie chicken, this is a busy night rotisserie chicken recipe that will taste delicious and leave you with leftovers for the next day. Find it on The Pioneer Woman.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (3)

Courtesy of Two Peas and Their Pod

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you know how much I love a good soup recipe. And this Chicken Pot Pie Soup not only packs the classic, rustic flavors of its namesake, but it comes together in about half an hour.

Another plus for this busy night rotisserie chicken recipe is that it’s extremely filling, loaded with Yukon potatoes and root vegetables. Perfect if you’ve been working outside or working out and are feeling extra hungry! Find it on Two Peas and Their Pod.

Coconut Curry Chicken

7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (4)

Courtesy of Taste and Tell

Now, this recipe calls for it to simmer for forty minutes or so, but the actual hands-on cooking time is fairly short. This makes it perfect for nights when you may be working later from home, helping kids with homework, or trying to multitask on chores. Talk about a perfect busy night rotisserie chicken recipe!

And this simmering time is well worth it. Curry powder, garlic, onions, paprika mellowed by coconut milk and paired with crunchy cashews and savory tomatoes, and shredded chicken. Find it on Taste and Tell.

Chicken, Bacon, Peach, and Bleu Cheese Flat Breads

7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (5)

Courtesy of Lilli Eats and Tells

This recipe combines rotisserie chicken with pitas to make for a quick and easy flatbread.

And it’s so pretty! Honestly, this is the sort of dish I would order at a local pizzeria, but it’s so simple to make at home. It’s quick too, comes in at just under twenty minutes. Just top your pita with the shredded rotisserie chicken, pre-cooked bacon, mozzarella and bleu cheese, and thin slices of peaches. Yum! Find it on Lilli Eats and Tells.

Rotisserie Chicken Quesadilla

7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (6)

Courtesy of Shibley Smiles

Here is another dish you can make in under half an hour. This busy night rotisserie chicken recipe is quick to assemble and can be customized to your tastes. Just combine the shredded chicken, your choice of cheese – any standard Mexican blend will do – and fry your tortilla.

On busy nights, I like to serve my quesadillas with store-bought salsa and guacamole, and add freshness with a squeeze of lime juice over top. You can also serve with beans, rice, or even a light side salad – it’s really up to you and your pantry! Find the quick guide here at ShibleySmiles.

Chicken Chinese Salad

7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (7)

Courtesy of Recipe Tin Eats

This dish is bursting with Asian-inspired flavors but is still fresh and light. It has a lovely blend of veggies paired with shredded chicken and crunchy noodles and sesame seeds. I also am dying to try out the recommended dressing to pair with it – made with light soy sauce, rice vinegar, and freshly grated ginger.

One thing to note – that’s included in the recipe – is to keep off the crunchy noodles until serving. Otherwise, they’ll likely become soggy. Here’s the recipe from Recipe Tin Eats.

Easy Weeknight Chicken Chili

I mentioned before that I like to substitute rotisserie chicken into some of my own recipes. For example – almost anything made with shredded chicken can be replaced with shredded rotisserie chicken.

My Easy Weeknight Chicken Chili is no exception, and it fits the bill for busy nights. I keep the ingredients simple – with canned diced peppers, tomatoes, corn, and white beans – paired with canned enchilada sauce to help keep things at a minimum without missing out on the southwestern flavors. Find the recipe here.

7 Chicken Rotisserie Recipes for Busy Nights (2024)
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