10 Trending Products to Sell on TikTok (2024)

Without adoubt, TikTok isthe21st century’s trend-setter. With over 1billion active users per month inthelast quarter of2021andanimpressive 88% positive app review intheU.S. in2020, it’s nosurprise that theonline platform has been causing astir inmodern marketing andecommerce.

From defining what music will top thecharts, toclever makeup hacks, TikTok has ahuge amount ofcontrol over what welike (and don’t like).

With such ahuge audience totap into, businesses can use TikTok asamarketing tool. This has propelled some businesses into infamy, making their products thetrendiest andmost sought-after buys (at least while they’re trending).

IfTikTok isbeginning tosound like theperfect vessel formaking money, but you don’t know what tosell, take adive into this article. Wewill show you ten products that have been shown tosell well onTikTok.

Cosmetic Products

#Makeup isundeniably one ofthemost talked-about topics onTikTok, with over 230billion views ontheapp. Branded asBeautyTok, itisaconglomeration ofcontent all related tomakeup. From new makeup products tohacks onhow toapply theperfect contour, you can definitely find them all, swipe-after-swipe.

BeautyTok istheoptimal choice formakeup brands tolaunch their new products. Take amoisturizer byRare Beauty asanexample. Inless than aweek after theproduct was introduced toBeautyTok, itattracted over 1million views.

Makeup enthusiasts have been making videos tocreate buzz around theproduct, hoping tosnag abottle andtry itonce it’s available onthemarket.

Now imagine having one place where you can both promote andsee reviews ofyour product. Isn’t that… rare? With TikTok… maybe not.

Cosmetic products will always bepopular. OnTikTok, they’re viral. Consider investing inmakeup products andusing BeautyTok topromote them.

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Source: @rarebeauty

LED Strip Lights

Imagine you are taking awalk around your neighborhood. You happen topass byawindow with bright andcolorful LED lights that line theceiling. Itwon’t beasurprise ifthefirst thing that comes tomind is, well, TikTok.

Not only doLED Strip lights create afabulous background forGen Z’s trending dancing videos, itisalso safe tosay that ithas become iconic totheapp. Inshorter words, itisTikTok-In-Demand.

GroovyLED isatestament tothis. The brand’s TikTok account has garnered almost five millions likes.

Ifyou are interested inselling some cool lighting, we’re sure there isnoquestion astowhere you can promote it. LED strip lights sell great inthecurrent digital landscape, andit’s time toput your foot inthedoor!

Kitchen Appliances

IfTikTok was anactual physical place, we’d consider itastheone-stop-shop foreverything you need, whether you knew you needed itornot. True enough, ithas everything you can ever think of. Even kitchen appliances! Businesses have tapped into TikTokers’ love forfood, healthy drinks, andpretty kitchen appliances.

For example, Beast Blender byBeast Health has thrived onTikTok. The hashtag #beastblender has over 240,000views, where videos ofBeast Blender users share their smoothie recipes, unboxing videos, reviews, andoverall experience with theproduct.

Wedon’t know about you, but wesure want tosee more TikTok videos about thenext aesthetic kitchen appliance onthemarket. Ifyou find that product, you could enjoy thesame success Beast Blender has.


There’s alot ofstationary forsale online. There’s agood reason forthat—everyone needs it.

Afantastic example ofstationery that sells well onTikTok istheAnnotating Kit by@rainydayslibrary. The video alone ofthis product’s launching has already hit 1.7million views.

@rainydayslibrary isanaccount onTikTok foranEtsy shop that features annotating kits andbooks perfect forlovers ofaesthetic planning systems like Kanban. Itnow has over 3.1million likes and140K followers ontheapp.

Desiree, theowner ofRainy Days Library also shows her followers how toannotate andhow she packages theorders she receives which her viewers enjoy.

Ifthepotential ofyour stationery products showing uponpeople’s For You Page gets you excited, then this niche might beforyou!

Cleaning Products

Let’s think about some products that every household absolutely needs. Welcome to#CleanTok! You might besurprised with how often cleaning products are discussed ontheapp, unless you have already seen theabundance oftrending cleaning products onTikTok.

Does The Pink Stuff ring abell? Ifyes, then there isnodenying that ifit’s trending onTikTok, everyone must’ve heard about it.

#thepinkstuff onTikTok has over 312million views, andguess what? Most ofthevideos under this hashtag are about TikTokers trying out ifthefamous pink cleaning paste isindeed asmiraculous asitclaims.

But even more important than thecleaning ability oftheproduct, wecan see that TikTok has provided aton ofviewers forThe Pink Stuff, helping them sell their miraculous cleaning products.

The Pink Stuff isn’t theonly miracle cleaning product out there. Start selling thenext viral #CleanTok hit andyou’re sure tosucceed.

Star Projectors

Doyou like theidea ofstars andgalaxies onyour ceiling? Agood number ofTikTokers do, andifyou are one ofthem, then you may already know about thegalaxy projector.

TikTokers who have posted videos ofgalaxy projectors use them formovie nights, ortocreate anaesthetic background fortheir videos. The videos can even bepeaceful, asviewers watch stars spin bywhile listening toameditation.

Take theAstrol Light Galaxy Projector asanexample. OnTikTok, this product boasts over 15million views andisposted byAstrol Light itself, which has over 14thousand followers ontheapp.

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Source: @astrollight

The appeal ofprojectors isn’t limited toone type ofprojection, either. So, ifyou enjoy creating projections, it’s aprofitable niche toventure into.

Water Bottles

Scrolling TikTok while laughing atcute cat videos isone thing, but being hydrated while doing soputs you onanother level.

Take asanexample theTikTok99P Water Bottle–the most popular water bottle onTikTok atthemoment. This 2000mLbottle has caught theattention ofmany after @katiehopkinsx posted avideo inJanuary of2022about her purchasing itforonly 99UKpennies.

The said video now has 16.7million views. Hundreds ofTikTokers left comments about ordering itaswell.

Similar water bottles have become viral sensations before, andthey’ll likely todosoagain. Water isastrong investment, since people can’t live without it. Soperhaps producing thenext fun water bottle isyour next adventure!

Note: Ifyou want tomake your water bottles stand out, use alogo maker todesign anaesthetically pleasing logo that buyers will love.


One ofthemost celebrated communities ofTikTok is#BookTok. This iswhere TikTokers discuss, review, suggest, orcry together about stories.

At45.9billion views, #BookTok has been amoving force forthepublishing industry. According toNPD Group (amarket research company), therise ofbooks sales has been strongly influenced by#BookTok.

With book sales leaping from 758to826million print books between 2020and2021, we’re sure that #BookTok ishere tostay.

For example, “The Seven Husbands ofEvelyn Hugo” byTaylor Jenkins Reid isone oftheprominent books ontheFor You pages ofTikTokers onBookTok. Avideo ofTikToker @katiiemcdougall reading thebook byReid now has 2million views and334K likes.

Ifyou’re abook lover, you can mimic Katie’s TikTok andsell your own favorite novel.

Skincare Solutions

Ofcourse, this article wouldn’t beaccurate ifwedidn’t have another example from #BeautyTok. This time, let’s talk about skincare.

OnaTikTok video by@isabelle.lux, she talked about thebenefits ofusing Vitamin Conyour face, andher current favorite product forthejob: CEO Serum bySunday Riley. This video garnered over 70thousand likes.

This product has afew things that give itviral appeal—aesthetically-pleasing packaging, astrong name, andatrending ingredient (Vitamin C).

With varied content about beauty, skincare, andbeauty products, many have turned toTikTok when looking fornew products totry out. #faceserum has over 29.6millions views onTikTok, which makes selling thenewest trending facial serum aprofitable market totap into.


TikTok’s influence infashion isundeniable. Influencers andbusinesses that use TikTok todebut new products are hugely successful, especially ifthenew product moves forward current fashion trends. The last product we’ll use asanexample istheFlower Threader Earring.

You’ll find this product inone ofthemost viewed videos onTikTok, with thetag #jewelries. Itnow has 17.5million views andwas posted by@stayfancyjewel, acompany that’s now had several viral jewelry hits.

The account has animpressive following of311.1K ontheapp, and9.4million likes intotal forall their TikTok videos featuring their products. Intheir videos, they provide adirect link totheir shop where you can purchase their jewelry andread reviews from other customers. Bytheway, you can link toyour products inyour videos too! We’ll explain how abit later, soread on.

Ifyou can mimic their business model onaglobal (or even local) scale, you too can expect thousands offollowers. After all, who doesn’t want shiny things?

Ready toSell? Here’s How

Ifyou find yourself wanting toput your products onTikTok, but are still inneed ofmore guidance onhow todoso, all you have todoisscroll down tofind out how.

1.Choose theRight Products

Ahuge audience also means alot ofcompetition. OnTikTok, becoming atrending brand isonly afew taps (and luck) away. But all businesses inyour niche have thesame potential, unless you dosomething tostand out.

What doyou need todotorise above? It’s quite simple, actually. Find theright product andcurate theperfect brand forit.

Learn more about your target audience’s interests, capitalize onyour skills, andutilize your resources. May itbejewelry, clothing, orthenext trending aesthetic blender, having agenuine interest inwhat you sell andbeing passionate about itwill help you gain anaudience.

Having abrand image that isorganic toyou andyour products will prove tobeuseful when being compared toother businesses inthesame niche. Make sure tohave consistent messaging across your platforms, such asemail marketing andother social media channels.

Ifyou haven’t found theproduct yet that ignites your interest, you may want torun through our list ofproducts tosell onTikTok again. Or, ifyou have another product inmind, you can still use TikTok tohelp your business. It’s great nomatter what!

2.Create aTikTok Business Account

Now that you may have found theright product foryou, let’s take astep closer tobecoming atrending brand!

Before you can doanything, you’ll need tocreate your TikTok Business account. You can install theTikTok app ontheApp Store orGoogle Play.

  1. Once you have your TikTok app installed, head toyour profile andtap onto thethree lines atthetop right corner ofyour screen.
  2. Tap on“Settings andPrivacy.”
  3. Head to“Manage Account.”
  4. Pick “Account Control.” From there, you will see theoption to“Switch toBusiness account.”

10 Trending Products to Sell on TikTok (11)

Once you have made aTikTok Business account, you will beable tolearn more about your audience andgauge video performance through theapp’s analytic tools. Access totheBusiness Creative Hub oftheapp isalso available, which helps you think ofunique ways togain views onyour videos.

Bag theTik-Tok-In-Demand status!

You finally know how tocreate your own TikTok Business account, andhave reviewed thelist ofproducts that took theFYPs ofmany bystorm. It’s time toget towork!

Seize theopportunity tobecome thenext trendiest andmost sought-after brand bystarting your TikTok journey today.

10 Trending Products to Sell on TikTok (12)

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